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Our Features

Swap Shifts

Swapping shifts has always been a headache, but using SwitchRoll you can do that by following very simple steps.

View Shifts

View shift requests made by other and pick one which suits you.

Tip Others

Tip others for covering your shifts.

Shift Approval

You can view the shifts requests sent by other and accept only which suits your schedule.

Channel Chat

Chat with all your co worker in a group chat and share pictures with each other.

Individual Chat

Connect with your friend/co-worker privately to discuss the shift swap or just to have some chit chat.

How it works

How can I Sign Up ?

Users have to sign up as an employee. So, to be able to register, you should have an invitation code which is sent when a local team member recommends you. Then you just have to fill the remaining registration form fields and hit Sign Up. The member ID field is used for verification. After providing all the informations needed for the registration and after verification, an administrator will call you or send you an sms to let you know about your registration status.

How to swap shifts ?

From the dashboard, users can create a new shift for swap by hitting the "New Shift" button. They can also see all the available shift swaps created by other members. Once you decide to make a shift swap with another user, you'll have to send him a shift swap request. Shift swap requests appear on the "Shift Requests" section that is accessible via our app menu. You can also see the shifts that you added via the "My Shifts" menu.

Can I chat with other users ?

Switchroll gives you the possibility to private chat with other users. You just have to make a left swap on the app to find the chat room.

How can I become admin ?

To become a shifts manager on Switchroll, you have to send a request via email at support@switchroll.com


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